Topsham Fire Station Petition

Topsham’s former fire station must be returned to the community.

But we need your help. 

The former Fire Station closed last year with Topsham's Firefighters relocated to the Service HQ at Clyst St George.

Now, the iconic building will soon be put up for sale by Devon and Somerset’s Fire and Rescue Service.

The fire service needs to look favourably upon bids from the local community, such as the Estuary League of Friends. 

Otherwise the building could fall into the hands of property developers.

So please, sign and share the petition supported by every Topsham councillor and East Devon's MP if you believe the building should remain in community ownership for future generations. 

Please tell everybody you know in Topsham about the petition and help spread the word. Sign below! 

Petition: Give Topsham Fire Station back to the community

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Retaining Topsham Fire Station as a community facility will benefit our town.

The last year or so has shown the importance and necessity of communities coming together to help one and other. In our view, the best thing that can happen to this building is for it to be returned to community use. 

We need to send a clear message to Devon and Somerset's Fire and Rescue Service to look favourably at bids for the building from local community organisations.